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My Camera and/or Microphone are not working

Hey there! Ready for your interview but running into issues with your camera or microphone? No worries, we've got you covered! Follow these steps to get everything working smoothly, so you can shine in your interview. 🌟

Quick fix tip: Sometimes, a simple restart can do the trick! Restart your device and close all open apps and programs before your interview. This can help clear up any temporary glitches affecting your camera or microphone.

Is your browser up-to-date?

An outdated browser can be the culprit. Keeping your browser updated ensures compatibility and security. Here's how to update some popular browsers:

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Edge
Safari (updates with your Apple device's operating system).

Giving your Camera and Microphone permission

Most of the time, camera and microphone issues come down to permissions. Your browser or device needs the green light from you to access these. Here’s how to do it on the most common browsers and devices:

Managing permissions

Google Chrome: Manage permissions on Chrome.
Mozilla Firefox: Manage permissions with Firefox.
Opera: Set web preferences on Opera.
Microsoft Edge: Manage permissions on Windows and Microsoft Edge.
Safari (Mac): Change preferences in Safari on Mac.

Make sure your browser isn't blocking pop-ups, which could prevent permission requests for your camera and microphone from appearing.

Some browser plug-ins/extensions can interfere with your camera and microphone. Try disabling them temporarily to see if that fixes the issue.

On mobile devices

iOS (iPhone/iPad): Manage permissions on iOS.
Android: Android permission management.

Still stuck?

If you've tried all the above and still can't get your camera or microphone to cooperate, here are a couple more things to try:

Check your device’s settings: Sometimes, permissions need to be managed directly within your device’s settings.
Try a different device: If possible, check if the issue persists on a different device.

Need more help?

If you're still facing issues, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at We're here to help you every step of the way to ensure you're ready for your Cammio interview.

With these tips, you should be on your way to a successful interview. Good luck! 🍀

Updated on: 10/04/2024

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